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SilkBytes is a tech company providing scalable tech solutions aimed at transforming the media industry. We are a dynamic, data-driven, proactive organization believing in the importance of agility and scalability. We prioritize our client’s interests and empower them throughout their growth journey by providing them with data-based insights relevant to their audience and industry to drive better content marketing, sales, user experience, production efficiency, audience reach and retention.

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SilkBytes uses global technology with a local customization approach. We understand cultures not just languages. Our support is tailored to not only your language but geographical region and its cultural subtleties. Our cultural modules take language, cultural nuances and consumer behaviour into consideration.


We provide tech-based solutions to maximize your organization’s efficiency

Protection & Antipiracy

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SilkBytes flagship product RightsHero supports content protection and Antipiracy for over 12 platforms. RightsHero offers clients convenience through “Manage your own Dashboard” service as well as premium account management services.

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Customer Journey Mapping

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Analyzing the user’s customer journey for the VODs through understanding how customers interact and perceive the service, which will lead to identifying gaps and proposing measures for each step of the Customer’s Journey to increase customer centricity.

Content Acquisition Analytics

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Understanding consumer consumption patterns through combining data gathered from pirate websites, social media chatter, news websites etc. We provide Content Acquisition Analysis to support licensing and production decisions as well as Content Recommendation services.


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A SilkByter is eager to constantly develop and enhance their skills and capabilities, appreciates accountability, being responsible and seeing the results of their work. SilkByters value agility and admire facing new challenges to grow and appraise their learning curve. And definitely our edge is in our internal culture which facilitates and empowers a process-oriented workflow that will allow you to experience a highly professional and dynamic journey. If you believe you have these skills or want to enhance them check out our available positions and become a SilkByter!

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If you are interested in exploring our technology, knowing more details about SilkBytes’ exact services, partnering with us, having a demo for RightsHero or just want to have a technical/non-technical conversation with our team, drop us a message or send us an email directly on marketing@silkbytes.com and we will gladly arrange a meeting with you/your team.

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